Tog Tan
06/23/1956 - 06/16/2009
Ensete nut
Tog Tan, known to many members of the International Banana Society as an indispensable font of banana and tropical knowledge, passed away on 16 June 2009 of a heart attack, while driving home with a new load of bananas and other plants. He died doing what he loved. He is survived by his daughter Stefanie and all of his friends here at the International Banana Society. We will all remember him for his great sense of humour, his patience, his amazing breadth of knowledge, and his willingness to help anybody with a question. Tog, you will be sorely missed. God Bless your Family... Rest In Peace... Goodbye friend! Amen!! Tog you will be sorely missed by us all. Goodbye friend! We will miss you Tog. What an amazingly spirited man. You will be dearly missed Tog. What a shock! Tog added so much to all of this. His posts were a delight and his adventurous spirit envied. We'll miss him a lot. Prayers for his family and friends.